Mohanad Yaqubi graduated from Birzeit University with a degree in mechanical engineering (2004), and from Goldsmiths College, London, with a Masters in Feature Film in 2009. He is one of the founders of Idioms Film, a filmmakers’ collective based in Ramallah. He has directed several short fiction and documentary films. His work deals with realities of boredom and emptiness expressed through people’s relationships and their interaction with space. His work stands between video art, documentary and fiction, creating a visual narrative that is not entirely abstract. He is currently working on his first feature film.


Marcello Macchia (born August 2, 1978), known by the stage name Maccio Capatonda, is an Italian director, actor, author and film maker. After his degree he started an internship in Filmmaster, one of the most important production studios in Milan, where he got the chance to start working as a film maker with Enrico Venti, best known as Ivo Avido. The two started up their own production studio, Shortcut Productions. In 2004 he became popular thanks to his comic movie trailers, broadcast on Gialappa’s Band tv show “Mai dire..”. Thanks to this experience Maccio gained popularity on the web, reaching 15 million views on YouTube. Within Shortcut Productions, he has worked with TV channels such as Fox, Rai Tre and All Music, directing TV series, shows and viral videos for Coca-Cola, Gazzetta dello Sport, Sony-Ericsson and Nescafè. He is currently a speaker and author for Lo Zoo di Radio 105, one of the most popular radio shows in Italy.


Luigi Luciano (born March 7, 1980), known by the stage name Herbert Ballerina, graduated in Arts, Music and Entertainment at the University of Bologna in 2007. He then moved to Milan, joining Shortcut Productions studio, first as a producer assistant and later as an actor and author. Together with Maccio Capatonda, he co-starred in several comical movie trailers which helped him gain popularity. In 2010 he took part to Checco Zalone’s movie “Che bella giornata”, a box office success in Italy. He is currently a speaker and member of the crew of Lo Zoo di Radio 105.


Alessandro Cappellotto is a creative copywriter and web consultant. He has led Zooppa, an international social network focused on creativity. Started off as a worker in a winery, he then moved on to advertising agencies. He has won several creative contests thanks to his ability with words. He later devoted himself to digital media, getting the chance to work for companies he would never have thought of. He is curious, messy, attracted by beauty, provincial, Catholic, a former Scout but Scout for life. Alessandro has got a wife and three kids: getting married turned out to be the best decision he has made so far.


Werther Germondari. (Rimini, 1963) is a visual artist and self- employed filmmaker; he obtained a diploma at the Experimental Centre of cinematography and then he obtained the graduation at the University of Bologna (graduation course: DAMS -in Italy, faculty of arts, music and performing arts). He is careful to the innovative neo conceptual and Situazionism Internation experimental dynamics; he executes since 30 years a research towards several expressive medias. He exhibited in private galleries and experimental places, alternating environmental installations, video work and performative acts, focusing his attention on hidden elements, linked to a real, social and political vision, often in a debunking way.


She is graduated at the University of Rome in history of music and in DAMS -in Italy, faculty of arts, music and performing arts at the University of Bologna in Direction Institution. In the 80s, after the experience of direction assistant of a lyric work at the theatre, she starts her life and work cooperation with Werther Germondari. “A straight long street”, their first common short that competed for Cannes in 1994, has been accompanied by many other ones. She alternates her secretary edition activity , since 1990, with her activity of co – author with Werther Germondari.



He was born in Novafeltria, grew up in Riccione. In 1980 he began his career as a writer, thank to a publication of one of his novel by Mondadori. He attended D.A.M.S. university in Bologna, and then the Scuola Superiore di Giornalismo in Urbino. His works are mostly piece of theater: he wrote and played many comedies. In 1988 he is among the finalists of the award “Cento cose – Oscar Mondadori” with the novel “Anche tu a Malta”. Then he went to Rome, where he began friend, disciple and collaborator of Rodolfo Sonego, with whom he creates episodes of the Italian fictions “Una famiglia in giallo”, “Un commissario a Roma”, “Guglielmo Marconi, “Australia”, “Provincia segreta” and”Provincia segreta 2”. He worked also at the script of the last Sonego’s film: “Il quaderno della spesa”, distributed by the 20th Century Fox. He wrote the radio play “Il trillo del grillo” for Marina Confalone, and the dialogues “Vivere” (Canale 5). He was also story-editor for the soap-opera “Sottocasa”, scriptwriter and script-editor for “Incantesimo”, (Rai Uno) and “Agrodolce” (Rai Tre). In 2010 he wrote the script of “Coppia da sballo” directed by Alexis Sweet. For this work he obtained the state contribution and the acknowledgment as film of cultural interest.


University researcher, teaches Theories and Techniques of Mass Communication and Educational Film and Audiovisual. He conceives and produces radio formats which he experiments with his students at a local radio. A passionate divulger of audiovisuals, he has collaborated with various formative agencies by publishing pamphlets, didactic proposals and, recently, a manual, Il coccodrillo luminoso, thanks also to the collaboration of Mediateca Cinemazero in Pordenone, of which Piva is a consultant.


Born in Padua in 1955, he began his career in the theatre in 1979. In 1986 he made his debut with the fiction Parole e Baci with Ricky Tognazzi, who then will call again Roberto Citran to act in many other films under his direction. He becomes famous very quickly thanks to his participation in many Italian TV series (Medicina Generlae, Distretto di polizia). Nominated twice for the David di Donatello, he won the Coppa Volpi for the best supporting actor at the Venice Film Festival with the film Il toro by Carlo Mazzacurati, who will direct him in many other films. Roberto Citran is also known abroad for appearing alongside Ewan McGregor in the film Nora (2000) by Pat Murphy and La valise di Tulse Luper by Peter Greenway.