Muller was born in Caracas on the 1st of June 1976. He graduated in Music Production and Engineering and Music Synthesis at Berklee University of Music. Since 1999 he has worked at the historical Plant Studios in San Francisco with artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Kronos Quartet, Joe Satriani, Zucchero, Elisa, L’Aura, Les Claypool, Stuart Copeland.


This actor, director and theatre writer was born in 1976. After debuting with director R. Stanisci, he attends Teatrocontinuo in Padova and travels around Europe with TAM music theatre. From 2002 he hosts acting workshops for young people, adults and high schools and organizes regional, national and international contests. In 2007 he was the writer and coordinator of Hot Bird Tv Awards in Venice.


Born in Treviso, where he still lives and works.A freelancer since 1994, he has made video clips for Tiziano Ferro, Il Teatro Degli Orrori, One Dimensional Man, Clara Moroni (choirgirl for Vasco Rossi), Lotto, Safilo. He is now making his first full length film.


Director, writer and producer of important ethnographic films and internationally recognised documentaries. He was awarded at the 50th International Film Festival Montagna Esplorazione Avventura “Città di Trento” for the prizewinning film ‘L’ultimo Resteler del Vanoi (The last Resteler of Vanoi)’. He collaborates with the University of Ferrara and runs a multimedia production studio. He is the creator and administrator of the portal ‘no profit’.


Born in Arak, Iran, in 1963. He worked as a writer, director assistant and producer to then direct his own film in 1993. Among his works: The cistern (1992), Habib (1991), Passing the trap (1993), The cart (1998), Play (2004), Hayat (2005).


He was born in Naples. After the Economy and Trade degree, he emigrates first to Milan and then to Rome, where he starts working in an advertising agency, the BBDO international. From 1983 to 1995 he works first as a copywriter then as a scriptwriter and free-lance director. He realizes a lot of documentaries, industrial films, institutional videos, commercials, theme songs and TV programmes for important Italian and international companies, museums and institutional bodies. In the meantime he attends this courses and seminars: screenplay (Pirro, Benvenuti, Mc Kee, Seger); direction (Loy, Michalov).

In 1995, with Eugenio Cappuccio and Fabio Nunziata, writes, directs, interprets and produces (for mysterious Boccia Film) a short film in 16 mm b/w, “Il caricatore”, that wins Arcipelago festival, the golden Pardo and the young audience’s prize at Locarno festival. The year after “Il caricatore” become a full-length film; out of competition at Torino Festival, wins the Holden prize for the screenplay, audience’s prize, it’ s selected for the Rotterdam Festival. Appeared in cinema halls, it obtains Casa Rossa Prize as best independent Italian film, the golden plaque Anec and the golden Ciak as best first work, the best production golden Sacher, the quality prize and the one as national culture interest film, and many other acknowledgement. In 1999, with Cappuccio and Nunziata, writes, directs and interprets “La vita è una sola” (Cecchi Gori production), promoted as “national culture interest film”. In 2000 he signs Matteo Garrone’s “Estate Romana” screenplay, two years before he has realized, with the same director, a short film, “Un caso di forza maggiore”. In 2001 in collaboration with Matteo Garrone and Ugo Chiti writes “L’imbalsamatore” ’s screenplay, selected at Cannes festival 2002, with which he wins Federico Fellini prize and the David di Donatello. In 2003 he writes the screenplay for Matteo Garrone ’s “Primo amore”, selected in the Berlin Festival competition and with which he wins Amidei prize. From 2003 he has worked in many film projects, some of them already released, others in the making, among them: Eugenio Cappuccio’s “Uno su due” (2006, screenplay), Agostino Ferrente’s “L’orchestra di piazza Vittorio” (2006, collaboration for the screenplay), Matteo Garrone’s “Gomorra” (2008, screenplay), Daniele Vicari’s “Il passato è una terra straniera” (2008, screenplay), Gianni Di Gregorio’s “Pranzo di ferragosto” (2008, collaboration in screenplay, direction, “artistic direction”), Pappi Corsicato “Il seme della discordia” (2008, co-scriptwriter).


Novafeltria (PS), 08.04.1962 – (Aries)
Born in a Montefeltro’s village but grown up in Riccione, he begins his writing career in 1980, when one of his stories is published in a Mondadori magazine. After attending D.A.M.S. in Bologna and Journalism Advanced School at Urbino University in the late 80’s, during which he is mainly interested in theatre, he moves to Rome, where he knows Rodolfo Sonego. He becomes his friend, pupil and collaborator until 2000, writing episodes of Rai Uno’s series “Una famiglia in giallo”, with Ugo Tognazzi, and “Un commissario a Roma” with Nino Manfredi. Then two Rai Due’s miniseries follow: “Provincia segreta” and “Provincia segreta 2”, again with Sonego, with which he collaborates to his last film’s screenplay too, “Il quaderno della spesa”, with Gabriele Lavia and Tonino Cervi’s direction. He has collaborated also with Dardano Sacchetti, Leone Colonna, Marco Pozzi, Alexis Sweet and Maria Confalone for whom he has writes the original radiodrama “Il trillo del grillo”, Rai Stereo Uno Naples. Author of many screenplays; one of these, “Toppol 313” is now in preparation for Marco Maccaferri’s direction. In 1999 begin part of the scriptwriters’ team of Canale 5 ’s soap-opera “Vivere”, for which, from 2003 to 2006, is the dialogues responsible. After being story-editor for Rai Uno’s soap “Sottocasa”, dialoguer and script-editor for the “Incantesimo” ‘s ninth series, he’s now writing for “Agrodolce”, the new Rai’s long-seriality program.